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About JPEG

JPEG stands for ‘Joint Photographic Experts Group’ – the term ‘Joint’ refers to the link between the standardization bodies that created this working group, ISO/IEC JTC1 and ITU-T.

It meets at least three times a year to discuss and create the standards for still-image compression.


JPSEC is Part 8 of the JPEG2000 family of standards(ISO/IEC15444-8). It specifies ways of applying security to JPEG2000 coded images.

The purpose of the JPSEC standard is to support protection methods that are in accordance with public standards as well as proprietary techniques. It was designed to provide a number of techniques from which use cases can be defined and applications can be developed. By JPSEC items we understand methods used for protection of content, integrity, authentication, access control and any other security related process.


The JPEG 2000 part 8 Registration Authority (hereafter referred to as the “JPSEC RA”) is a unique organization which provides a place on the internet for those who want to register their JPSEC items. Services provided by the JPSEC RA include reviewing, maintaining, distributing, and acting as a point of contact for all activities related to registration. The JPSEC RA also disseminates essential information about JPSEC items from all over the world.

About IRI

“IRI” is abbreviation of Intellectual Resource Initiative), the nonprofit organization.
IRI supports any activity and/or its association in related to Intellectual Resources.
IRI aims at innovation in society by archive and provision of intellectual information resource.
IRI supports the regional revitalization with intellectual resource.

As a group of professional people of Intellectual Resource, IRI is pleased to make a proposal which is apt for “knowledge society”.


Purport of IRI
Statement from IRI on undertaking the JPSEC RA