Duties of JPSEC RA

The JPSEC RA is responsible for registering objects in accordance with the rules of the supervising organization.

The JPSEC RA’s duties are as follows:

  • Receiving applications
  • Reviewing applications;
  • Informing the applicant of the result of the supervision department’s actions;
  • Assigning of names when the applicant has been approved;
  • Processing updates of information associated with registered items;
  • Informing users about the results of updates;
  • Maintaining an accurate register;
  • Safeguarding any confidential information;
  • Handling all aspects of the registration process in accordance with good business practice;
  • Providing an annual summary report on activities to the responsible supervision organization;
  • Explaining the procedure for appeals;
  • Handling all business in English;
  • Producing practice and tutorial documents when applicable;
  • Indicating(e.g. on letterheads)that it has been designated as the JPEG 2000 part 8 Registration Authority by ISO.