What is JPSEC RA?


The JPEG 2000 part 8 Registration Authority (hereafter referred to as the “JPSEC RA”) is a unique organization which provides a place on the internet for those who want to register their JPSEC items. Services provided by the JPSEC RA include reviewing, maintaining, distributing, and acting as a point of contact for all activities related to registration. The JPSEC RA also disseminates essential information about JPSEC items from all over the world.


In the “Digital Age”, the Internet provides many new opportunities for right holders regarding the electronic distribution of their work (books, videos, music, images, etc.). At the same time, new information technology radically simplifies the access of content for the user. This goes hand in hand with the widespread problem of pirated digital copies – with the same quality as the originals – and “file-sharing” in peer-to-peer networks, which gives rise to continual complaints about great losses by the content industry. Therefore, it is expected that the tools and protective methods that are recommended by JPEG 2000 must ensure the security of transaction, as well as the protection of content and technologies.

Security issues, such as authentication, data integrity, protection of copyright and intellectual property, privacy, conditional access, confidentiality and transaction tracing, to mention a few, are among important features in many imaging applications targeted by JPEG 2000. The technological means of protecting digital content can be achieved in many ways such as digital watermarking, digital signature, encryption, metadata, authentication, and integrity checking.

The purpose of the JPSECRA is solely to offer the average consumer the variety and convenience of using the means mentioned to their fullest capacity.